How To Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome And Fully Commit To Your Business Goal

Out of all the gold that was dropped in this week's Business Strategy Radio episode, I wanted to share with you how to avoid Shiny Object Syndrome and commit to your goals so that you can achieve massive success in your business... 

No. 1 Keep A Bucket List For All of Your Ideas 

Business owners are visionaries. New ideas excite us and we are always looking for the next fantastic vision. But with all those ideas it can be really easy to fall prey to shiny object syndrome. An easy way to keep those great ideas and not forget them is to keep them stored on your drive. You can even get super organized and insert some of those ideas into your quarterly goals if time and resources allow it. 

No. 2 Learn When You NEED To 

Are you a course hoarder? After a while of learning and learning it’s time to actually start implementing and leave the books/courses behind for a moment. As you become more comfortable in your zone of genius you will find that learning is something that you do as you need rather than spend countless of hours in front of the screen. Focus on learning what you need right now to implement the current focus in your business

No. 3 Set Up A 90 Day Blueprint For Success

Having clarity in terms of what you want and the steps to take to get there is extremely important. That’s why I recommend having a 90 day blueprint to knock out your goals. Watch How I Build a Step by Step 90 Plan for an online business owner just like you with my proven Roadmap to Revenue Formula here

Rhonda Melogy