3 Big Perks of Creating Systems for Your Business

You know you need systems, but you haven’t set them up yet. Learn 3 big perks to setting up systems—and grab a free tool to get started!

No matter what kind of business you’re in, you need systems. They are what keeps your business moving forward and what keeps your projects on track. They help your clients know where their projects are and ensure your team members know exactly what to do--and when.

Occasionally, I hear business owners say that systems stifle them and are difficult to follow. They take too much time and effort to set up and maintain. And so, they don’t bother.

Do you know what happens to those businesses and business owners? Sadly, they don’t thrive. They stall out because there’s no forward momentum and the business owners feel stressed and overworked, frustrated because their team members don’t seem to be doing their jobs.

Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, does it? Let’s talk about the benefits of systems. If you’re on the fence about their benefits, I’m hoping I can change your mind.

Systems Save Money

If you don’t have a systems mindset, it might be hard to wrap your mind around how systems can save you money. After all, you might need to hire someone to help you get them in place--the right way, the first time. And you may need to spend some money on a tool or two to help you keep tabs on the systems.

But even with these financial investments, you’ll still save money by implementing solid systems in your business.

Think about how much time you spend every day tracking down that email, reminding that client, touching base with that team member and even wondering what task you need to tackle next. You’re wasting your own time, frustrating the client, not supporting the team member and just generally not being very productive.

If you could tighten up all those areas, you’d save boat loads of money. You’re saving time and in our micro-businesses, time is money!

Systems Allow for Creativity

Considering that systems will save you time, what will you do with all that time? You feel less frazzled and more at peace with where your business is. That allows you to dream about what’s next.

And with that, you’ve opened space for creativity (which, of course, could mean other ways to grow your business and make money).

With systems in place, you can easily implement a new project that brings joy to you and helps grow your business. I guarantee it will take less time to put something new in place, allowing you to be more profitable--quickly!

Systems Help You Retain Team Members

There are few thing more frustrating than a team member who doesn’t know what to do next. They’re frustrated; you’re frustrated. And when this happens, you’re ready to let the team member go because they’re not getting their work done. Meanwhile, the team member is ready to put in notice because there’s no clear direction on what they’re supposed to be doing. (Did you know you weren’t communicating well?)

With clear systems in place, you’ve given your team member direction and they know exactly what to do each step of the way. Systems can also empower that team member to take ownership of a task and even find more efficient ways to accomplish it, adding value to their position and increasing your ROI.

Are you convinced yet that you need systems, but at a loss for how to get started?

Grab my Workflow Wizard Workbook for a system to get you started with systems!

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    Rhonda Melogy