5 Places to Find New Clients

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Today's topic is the five places to find new clients.

I'm going to give you both free and paid options.

First, I'm going to list all five places to find new clients and then I am going to give a little more detail about each one.

#1 Private Facebook Group

#2 Local Networking Events

#3 Courses

#4 Conferences

#5 Paid Facebook

Free Facebook Groups

So let's circle back and just talk about specifically about free Facebook groups because I bet you're saying, "Well I've already looked there and I'm not finding clients."

I'm going to recommend that you go to those Facebook groups that support software. So think about Clickfunnels, Lead Pages, ConvertKit (Seva), Restored, 316 Designs.  All of these groups offer support for the software.  

The groups I have listed support email marketing, course creation, and web design. A lot of solopreneurs are going to be in this private Facebook groups looking for answers. And if you can provide value and show up and answer their questions, you have a hotbed for potential clients.  

I'm asking you to think vertical rather than horizontal. And what I mean by that is horizontal Facebook groups are those groups that you're currently in that have a lot of service providers, coaches and consultants.  

We know in today's business that the market is very crowded and it is really hard to stand out and say, pick me, pick me, pick me! You're more likely to have a better opportunities to provide value in the private Facebook groups that I've suggested than hanging out in groups with your peers. 

To be clear, I absolutely recommend service provider groups for support and quick questions. And that's not to say that you don't go in there for support and ask questions.

Local Networking Opportunities

Local networking opportunities like chamber meetings and meet up groups are a hotbed for potential clients.

Let's face it, most local businesses's Facebook strategy is "Like Our Page. "  You and I both know that that doesn't do anything to support their business or attract more traffic, leads, and sales.

I know that when I've attended local events, business owners get stars in their eyes when I talk about social media marketing.  Not only are local networking events a great source for potential clients, but more importantly you're going to stand out from the crowd.  Most of these events are free and happen once a month. 

Now we are moving to paid options to find new clients. 


I always recommend that you get on the ground level of any course offering. Beta launches of courses are great opportunity for many reasons but you can get into a course at a lower rate.

The best thing about Beta launches is the fact that typically you will have access to all of the course updates.

So, when you get in at the beginning, you get to give your input and then you continue to get the updates as the course gets better and better because you have more people involved.

Just an example, I purchased a three or four years ago and there were at least two, if not three postings for a service provider to help with a  launch of a course.

Finally, a lot of times solopreneurs will purchase the course and maybe they'll go through it.  Eventually they will post in the group,  "I just need some, some help." 

Rachel Miller's Moolah course is a great example where I have seen business owners purchase the course and ask for service providers who have completed the course and understand the Moolah strategy.


Conferences are a great opportunity because most of the audience are solopreneurs who do are trying to do all the things. 

As a service provider it's a great opportunity for that one on one high touch with your potential client. Let them get to know you. People always felt more comfortable when they see you can talk to you and start to build that relationship.  

If traveling is a financial strain (childcare too) try finding conference within driving distance. 

Paid Facebook Groups

I love paid Facebook groups.  The benefits of joining paid Facebook groups is that you typically get access to support, group coaching, live trainings, and job opportunities. 

One that specifically comes to mind is the CYLL Network.

I would highly recommend this network for all the reasons that I have listed but I know for a fact the quality of job postings that are shared daily.  

I have been able to find some really nice clients to work with and it's not just advanced service providers, coaches and consultants. They do request beginners all the way to a intermediate and advanced.  

You can click here to find out more information about the CYLL Network.

So what's next?

You've got all of these new clients and you need to onboard them.

If you have more than one client, you really need to have a client onboarding checklists.

No worries. I've done the heavy lifting for you.

All you gotta do add your name and email below to get what Brett says, "I have used this list over and over again, SO GOOOD!" ♥️

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