When is it time to start delegating in your business and build a team?

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When I first started my business over fifteen years ago, I had what is called the  “superwoman” complex. 

You know, it’s when you think you can do anything and everything under the sun for your business by yourself. 

If you are a solopreneur scaling your business, you can relate (with your cape flying proudly beneath your wings).

For the past 15 years, I have built a seasonal children’s consignment sale that is bigger than your local Target, serves thousands of people in just eight days.

I can’t do it alone.

It is bigger than me.

I used to feel like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders, complete with multiple daily crossfit workouts. Sound familiar? 

I vividly remember the tap on my shoulder that changed my business forever.  

Out of the chaos that was surrounding me, in a calm reassuring voice, one of my shoppers put her hand on my shoulder and asked, “Do you need any help?”  

Clearly, I was drowning.  

Fast forward to systems that run my event and allowed me to step back and have my bestie run the entire event.

The question remains for you: 

When should you start outsourcing and building a team for your business?

My answer: 

As soon as you start making a consistent income.

After working with hundreds of service providers, I see two consistent mistakes entrepreneurs make when thinking about building a team.

They think in general terms.  

They have little to no systems in place.   #hotmess coming your way.

Here are a few of the mistakes I see business-owners make after deciding they need to start thinking about a team for their business (a.k.a. what NOT to do):

  1. Post in a Facebook Group without a specific goal or area in your business you know you want to delegate. (Hello, crazy inbox and overflowing Facebook messages!)

  2. Keeping every system that runs your business in your head.

  3. Create a job description that literally replaces you or encompasses multiple areas of expertise. You’ll want to concentrate on a specific area. (Trust me!)

So, how can you set yourself and your business up for success?


  2. CREATE A SYSTEM FOR EVERYTHING IN YOUR BUSINESS. This exercise is helpful in so many ways. (I get giddy every time I talk about systems.) This exercise will bring about less stress in your life and business. You will be creating actual systems on paper instead of carrying everything around inside of you or in that pretty planner.

This one simple step:  CREATING A SYSTEM FOR EVERYTHING IN YOUR BUSINESS will help you

  • Design a workflow you can pass off to new team members.

  • Build a framework to provide a consistent product.

  • Help you to know how much time it takes to realistically complete the task.

  • Create the job description for the position you want to hire for, instead of a laundry list of random tasks that don’t make sense. (The laundry list hinders your business instead of accomplishing your goals.)

The next question probably swimming around is How do I get started with yet another task in my business?  (I've got your back here!)

  1. Start with QUICK VIDEOS RUNNING THROUGH YOUR process to complete a task in your business. Your videos do not have to be recorded with fancy, expensive equipment. (Hello, new learning curve.)

Loom is a great tool you can use to record your screen and walk through each step of your system.  It sets your new team up for success and lets them know why you are doing what you are doing so they can take your system and make it better!

     2. Find an easy to use project management tool.  I recommend Trello. Did I mention that Trello runs my business, homeschool, (yes, my children have their own Trello boards), home renovation, and life in general.)  Save each of these videos in Trello.

Now that we have a framework for our business and can recognize a specific area that we can delegate, where do you go?

1. Facebook Groups (KEEP READING) You probably have your favorite private Facebook Groups.  Take note when someone asks who is the go-to person for XYZ service. Again, I recommend looking for someone who specializes in an area.  Remember, you are looking for specific.

2. Course Creators:  A great resource that I have used is to reach out to successful course creators in a specific area and asked for referrals. Word-of-mouth referrals are always the best!  

What happened when I delegated in my business?

When I took off my cape and passed on responsibilities, something amazing happened. 

My business became 

  • Stronger

  • More efficient

  • Automated

Oh yeah, when I got out of my own way:   My growth exploded.  

The fastest path to focusing on one thing at a time:  DELEGATION.

Delegation is the secret to focusing on thing at a time in your business.

I know this sounds too good to be true, but by following my delegation process, business nirvana can happen for you starting today.  Yeah, you can go record a video right now and save it!

What’s business nirvana, you ask? It smells like team spirit. ;)