How to Follow Up a Discovery Call

In today's episode I share three steps to following up with your potential client after a discovery call. Be sure to grab the ultimate marketing tracker I mention by reading more here


Today we are talking about  the three steps to follow up including when, how often and what you should include.

Number one: When should you follow up with your client?

The VERY next day.  Make it easy on yourself and have a template in place.  You can actually schedule this followup using Boomerang.

You can use the free version of Boomerang that you can use with Gmail.  One quick tip, make sure to have a professional email signature.

Number two: How often do you follow up ?

You should follow-up until you get a NO.

Think about it like a race. I would rather be competing with only two or three people than the 30 to 40 that started out the race.

Always follow up until you get a no. 

Remember, just because you got a no today, doesn't mean that it will be any 6 months from now. 

Number three:  What in the world do you put in that email?

You want to as quickly as possible connect your skillset with what your potential client is looking for and remember focus on ONE thing per email. 

Answer the question:  What's in it for them? 

Since we are talking about following up, it's important to track your efforts every day.  Your tracker becomes your business roadmap.  Don't have one? 

Guess what buttercup, I've got you covered. My comprehensive spreadsheet that is going to be your marketing roadmap is part of my Discovery Call Gold Masterclass.  

Be sure to register because I share a couple of other strategies that are really going to make a big impact on your business.