8 Tips to Hire a Subcontractor

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8 tips you need to know before hiring your first subcontractor. 

If you've heard me speak at all, you know we have to say 168 hours a week. It is how you use that time that makes all the difference in the world. Let us hop right in to today's question.

Number one, hire someone for a specific task. 

I know a lot of times when you feel overwhelmed and you put a job description out there, you're trying to replace yourself.

You want to be sure that you have systems in place and bringing in consistent income. We're not cleaning the house first before the cleaning lady comes. 

The reason why you want to have systems in place is that you now have a training manual, you know how long it takes to complete the task, when making the transition you can continue to produce a consistent product, and they are focused on only one thing! 

Number two, you need to sign a contract with your subcontractor. Make sure that have terms in the contract that deal with the communication between your subcontractor and your client because you want to protect your business.

Number three, setting a rate and consider the cost of bringing someone on board to help you complete the task.  You want to pad your package enough to be competitive but also cover your project management fees.  

Number four, scheduling deadlines in advanced. This is a critical step.

The buck stops with you.  If your subcontractors fails, you need to give that window ito pad yourself so you're covered to complete the work. 

Number five, have a communication systems in place. Have you thought about how you are going to communicate with your subcontractor? How often?  Which tool to use?

You're probably going to want to use a project management tool like Trello and you also might want to schedule weekly or bimonthly meetings with your team.

Tools I recommend are Slack and Voxer for daily communication, both are free apps.  

I would highly recommend that you stay away from email and that you go with something like Slack.

Number six, share the love. What do I mean by that?

Everybody loves little surprise.  I know for my team what I like to do when I know that they've been in there working hard is to send a gift card, like a Starbucks card or maybe get an Amazon gift card. Just something to let them know that you appreciate the work that they are putting in might goes a long, long way because we all love to be appreciated and we all love to be acknowledged for our work. 

Number seven, where are we going to find these amazing Unicorns?

I recommend number one, word of mouth.

I like to start with friends and put feelers out to see who they know might help. 

The other recommendation that I'm going to add is to go into paid groups. Maybe these are from courses or support groups that you're in.

I would not go post in a 20,000 plus person group that you were looking for a subcontractor. You're going to be inundated and that's going to be a process within itself. 

Number eight, you want to do an initial trial period.

Have your potential team member do a task for you and see what you think.

Did they do it in a timely manner?

Did they exceed your expertise?

Did they communicate?

Are you happy with their work or where they sloppy?

So how can you keep yourself organized in the pursuit of a new team member?

No worries. I have created for you a digital template.

I absolutely love it.

It is to keep you organized.

It's a roadmap for your week and for your business.