How to Package Your Virtual Assistant Services

How to price your virtual assistant services can be stressful. In today's episode, I breakdown where you should start hourly or package pricing. Join my LIVE Materclass: How to Book Out Your Services enter your name and email


Today we're going to be talking about hourly rate versus package pricing.

When you're first starting out as a service provider, I would highly recommend that you start at an hourly rate because really you're starting to put the pieces and parts of your business together and you're just trying to figure everything out.

At this point you should be establishing systems or workflows.  

Workflows are the workhorse of your business.  The more you implement, the more efficient that you're going to get. 

Next, I think you should move to package pricing because you shouldn't be penalized for doing a good job. Working smarter and not harder is a surefire way to start scaling your business.

Wondering about your starting rate?  

Be sure to check out how to price your services. 

Remember, the best part about launching your service based business is that someone is literally paying you to get your systems down!  

The next step of scaling is to move to package pricing.

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