How to juggle your 9-5 while launching your business?

In today's episode, I share with you the single most important step of juggling your 9-5 and launching a business. Enter your name and email to grab my digital template to save you time here


So you've decided that you want to launch your own business, but you're still working your nine to five. How do you juggle all of those things?

I remember distinctively back 15 years ago when I launched my business, I was working a very demanding corporate job as a pharmaceutical sales representative, eight months pregnant with my third child, and I thought that it was a great opportunity for me to launch a new business.

I'm glad that I did because I have been learning and growing that business ever since.

Life was very busy for me at the time, probably like for you right now.  I am so excited for you and will encourage you to take the steps to make your dream happen. 

Your actions are telling me that you are putting yourself first and understanding that it's so important that you carve out that time that's just for you.

In order to maximize your time, the first thing that you're going to need to do before you launch is to do a time audit.

I want you to include everything AND the kitchen sink. 

You need to include everything, from the time you wake up, quiet time, coffee, time, and walk the dogs. 

It is important that you include everything that you do in your week.

Why is this exercise so important?

It's going to give you a blueprint of where your time is spent.

More importantly, where you can find pockets of time.

Even today, my most favorite pockets of time are when my kids are playing soccer.

Once you have a grasp of your schedule, remember "knowing it and seeing it " are completely different.

You need a visual. 

The next step is to see the pockets and schedule tasks that will move your business forward. 

Action = Progress.

This exercise should take you about an hour but will be a building block because it shows you how much time you have to invest. 

I have saved you time by putting together a digital template.  

It's a tool that I use in my business, homeschooling, and life.

To avoid burn out, you're going to have to be honest with your time.

We all have the same 168 hours a week. It's how you use that time that makes all the difference in the world.