How to Market Your Services Online When Your Business is New?

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Are you new?

Of course you're not!  

So here's the thing, when we are transitioning skillsets from offline to online, we feel new.  And that transition makes us scared.

The reason why we are scared is because that not only are we transitioning online, but we feel forced to offer "online skillsets" because that is what everyone else is doing.

Today we're going to answer the question: How do you market your offline skills to online clients when you've never had an online client before? 

Number 1:  Stay in Your Comfort Zone

The first thing is you are going to stay in your wheelhouse, your comfort zone.

You're only going to offer the skillset that you know, like the back of your hand.  Knowledge is power and your expertise is going to kick fear to the curb. 

Number 2:  Share Your Success

Share the success and results that you've had with your offline skillset.  Just because you are transitioning online does not mean you're new! 

Here is what I know, a lot of times when you are working with clients they will start to ask if you can expand your services.  This is a great boost to your business because your client has confidence in your services and in many cases will pay for training for other software programs or strategies.  You are getting paid to learn! It is a beautiful thing.

So my friend, you are not new.  

Today we've kicked that fear to the curb.

We're staying in our comfort zone where we have a very strong sales skillset.

The only 'new' thing is that we are expanding our market and moving online. 

I hope that this is helpful for you today and helps that mindset in thinking about that you're new because you are not you. 

For all the 'new' clients that you will be serving I have a comprehensive client on boarding checklist.  

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