3 Tips to Scoring a Discovery Call

You need discovery calls if you’re going to make sales. But how do you land discovery calls when you feel like you’re not getting noticed. Read more to find out!

Discovery calls are the way to sales. But they’re not always easy to land, especially when you’re just starting out or trying to niche down. 

Thankfully, there are a few key things you can do quickly and easily to grow your network and start generating more discovery calls--without taking up a ton of your time. Even better, it’s going to feel really good to take each of these actions.

Follow Up with Old Contacts

You’ve had a discovery call in the past that didn’t go as planned. Or maybe the prospect wasn’t ready for the investment. It happens! That’s why following up with old contacts and even old clients is a great way to set another discovery call.

Script for former prospects

Hi [Name]! We talked in [month] about working together on [project]. I know you weren’t ready to commit at that time, but I’ve been watching you [something specific you’ve seen them do] and you’re rocking it now!

I’m touching base to see if you’re ready to move forward with [service] or if you might need help with [another service]. I’d love to work with you to grow [their business]!

Let’s reconnect soon. Here’s a link to my calendar [include link]. Here’s to your continued success!

Script for former clients

Hi [Name]! How are you doing? I’ve been watching [something related to what you worked together on] and I’m so impressed with the progress you’re making!

I’m touching base to see if you’re still [managing your inbox, struggling with graphics, maintaining your website--something related to what you do]. I know when we last spoke, you were [focus on a pain point].

I’d love to offer my services again. I can help you with [list two or of your services that relate to this former client] and I have some availability coming up. 

Let’s reconnect soon. Here’s a link to my calendar [include link]. Here’s to your continued success!

Offer Feedback on Social

Social media seems to be the place where we crowdsource our questions and look to resolve challenges. That means it’s also a great place to showcase your expertise and offer the feedback that people are looking for.

The next time you see a question posted on social media--either on someone’s personal profile or in a Facebook group, offer your expertise. That doesn’t mean you’re posting a link to your discovery call scheduler or to a sales page. Nope, I want you to give some free feedback--within some boundaries.

Answer the question or concern, offer one or two key takeaways that will help them have a quick win and then leave it at that. Be sure to do this in the comments section of the original post, not in a private message. Not only will the original poster see your response, so will everyone else in the group. And when others search for the topic down weeks or months later, your comment will show up.

One of the members of my Systems By Design membership recently used this strategy. She found the right group of ideal clients, consistently showed up in the community and booked 7 clients--quickly!

The more often you answer questions, the more people will get to know you and what you do--and the more likely they are to book that discovery call with you.

Nurture Relationships

You’re meeting people all the time in Facebook groups, at in-person networking events, on virtual coffee chats and even through referrals. But if you are asking yourself why no one is contacting you, the next question you should ask is What have I done to stay top of mind with my potential client? 

Nurturing relationships that you already have doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Set up accountability or co-working calls, comment on their social media posts or just send a direct message in Facebook or Instagram. Anything that gets you in front of them and reminds them that you’re there and that you care.

What Not to Do

Of course, when you’re putting yourself out there, there are some things to stay away from. You don’t want to be annoying or come off as salesy. I know you want sales, but stick with me here.

  • Don’t Spam. It’s tempting to want to follow up with prospects again...and again...and again. But spamming them with repeated emails and messages isn’t going to encourage anyone to schedule a discovery call with you. Follow up twice and then release.

  • Don’t reach out cold. Cold calls and cold emails rarely work, unless the person has been following you behind the scenes for a while. Reach out in other ways before you call or email. Interact on social media first, then nurture the relationship.

  • Avoid copy and paste emails. Yep, I gave you some email templates above, but notice that there’s plenty of space to personalize them. Be really specific when reaching out to former clients and old contacts. Show them that you’re really watching--and that you care.

  • Don’t DM someone without permission. I know you’ve been victim to this too! If you’re looking to score a discovery call, don’t direct message someone with a pitch. Use DMs to have a conversation. Those conversations lead to relationships, which could ultimately lead to a sale down the road.

Of course, once you score that discovery call, you want to nail it. That’s a whole different process that I’d love to share with you! Read this blog post for more!

Need help with that discovery call? Download my Ultimate Discovery Call Checklist today and I’ll walk you through the process step by step.

Rhonda Melogy