When to Subcontract in Your Business?

In today's episode I share 2 questions you should ask yourself before you subcontract in your business. Be sure to grab the complete client onboarding printable to help streamline bringing new clients into your business. Enter your name and email and I will pop into your inbox!    https://theperfectpitchcourse.com/client-onboarding


When is it time to subcontract in your business?

You may be thinking that you're overwhelmed, that you're overworked and you need to bring somebody on.

I have two steps or two questions that you should ask yourself before you make the move to subcontract.

Number One:  You should be generating consistent income in your business.

Number Two: You should have documented workflows in your business.

So you may be asking why are these steps so important?

Number one, if you are not making consistent money in your business and you tried to bring someone on, you're going to max yourself up and more importantly you're setting yourself up for failure as well as your team member.

Number two, if you don't have documented workflows, it's kind of like cleaning the house before the cleaning lady comes.

Your workflows do a lot for you and let's just cover some of those things. 

Number one, you can quickly add a video which is now your training tutorial.

Number two, you have a clear idea on a specific need and a specific job description. I always like to hire for specific task.

Number three, you know how long it takes to complete the task.

Number four, you are able to transition and keep a consistent product.

And the final reason why having workflows in place before you bring someone onto your team is that it sets expectations.  

What I have found in my business when I delegate and I hand over a documented workflow is that that particular area of my business becomes so strong.

Why is this important to you and your business? It will free you up to work on another area and scale your business. 

I'm just going to back up and say if you're feeling overwhelmed, if you're feeling like you're working in a frenzy, I need you to STOP before you post that job description in your favorite Facebook group to replace yourself. 

Take a moment and ask yourself the two questions.

Am I generating consistent income?

Do I have documented workflows in place?

Speaking of workflows, do you have a copy of the Ultimate Client Onboarding Checklist? 

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Think about it, systems are the business manual you have been overlooking.  

Build them, nurture them, and they will serve you well.  

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