Transitioning Online: A 90 Day Business Map

I believe Georgiann’s story will resonate with many listeners who are making the transition online to launch their service based business.

During Georgiann’s session, I was so excited I think I squealed! One of my favorite things in the world is to take a member’s skill set and interest and create a 90 day step by step map while pulling from the Systems by Design buffet of systems, tech, and support.

You will learn

  • How Georgiann can shut down her potential client’s objections with just one sentence

  • How I am bundling Georgiann’s 30 year skillset into a popular online niche

  • How niching down will actually help Georgiann make the transition to other popular niches if she chooses

  • The key to the 90 mini map success

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Rhonda Melogy