BSR 021: 3 Pillars in Business


Business owners want more traffic, leads and sales, but it’s hard to know where to focus your efforts. Is it in marketing your services? Creating more visibility? Making those sales? Developing strong workflows? Something else?

It’s important to spend time in all these areas--and more--but you can’t do it all at once. That’s why I built my Roadmap to Revenue, a 6-system formula designed to help you generate consistent revenue from home. And in it, you learn exactly what you need to focus on and when.

In this episode of Business Strategy Radio, I’m sharing the three main pillars you need to focus on in your business and how you can focus on the revenue-generating activities while you’re building a strong foundation.

That’s why we’re all in business: to make an impact and to make money. You can’t do that if all your efforts are on administrative tasks every day!

Tune in to learn what those three pillars are and then head over to my Instagram DMs and ask me your questions!

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Rhonda Melogy