BSR 005: Adding Value

Are you adding value?

It’s easy to feel invisible in the online world. There are so many of us out there, vying for the same clients.

I’ll tell you though: There is room for everyone. And the quickest way for you to get noticed and to start getting the clients you love is to add value.

Adding value is a mindset shift for me, just like I’m sure it is for you. You know your thing so well (whatever that “thing” happens to be) that it’s hard to notice how you’re adding additional value.

In this episode of Business Strategy Radio, I’m sharing with you how I recently added value to a position I applied for (an unpaid position, I might add) and ended up catching the eye of someone I never EVER thought would notice.

The result? A part in someone’s business that has me just giddy.

Showing up as yourself and offering value--helping others--is what moves you forward. Others notice. So get out of your own way and just do it.

What conversations are you having with yourself? Hit me up in the DMs over on Instagram!

And who was it that I gave all that value to? Stay tuned! I’m hoping I can tell you soon!

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Rhonda Melogy