BSR 001: My Backstory


I can probably count on one hand the things that I have been consistent with in my life. I think it is the creative side in my rebelling against the A Type personality side in me. What I have come to realize is that the things that I am consistent at doing, well they tend to be my most successful.

Like homeschooling my four kids, (one is getting ready to graduate), a chore chart I use with said kids, (10 years and counting), my seasonal event, (16 years and counting), and my marriage, (25 years and counting).

When I talk about the phases of my seasonal event, I use the analogy of a train. At the beginning, the train is sitting at the station getting ready to go on its journey. When set up and drop off are over, the train leaves the station and picks up steam. Now the enjoyment of the journey is determined on how well I have planned. Sometimes it feels like I ride the train and others feel like the train rides me.

Launching Business Strategy Radio feels a lot like riding the train. As a listener, you are hopping on the train 16 years into the journey. You will hear me refer to myself as advanced maternal age, I’ll tell you why in one of my episodes, the good news is that I have lots of stories, experience, and observations to share. I like to think about it as a Disney fast pass to jump you in front of the line in building your business.

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As a wife, mother, and women, I know how important it is to carve out space for yourself. And because it is so important to me, just know that I am supporting your success!


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