BSR 007: 3 Ways Community has Built my Signature Offer


You know when you gel with someone. You have the same passions and you might even finish one another’s sentences. But even more, you support one another and can be open and honest.

That’s exactly what I was looking for a few months ago when I asked a few of “my people” for some feedback. I opened a very small, private Facebook group of now 12 other women, asking them to give me their honest input about an idea I had.

I asked a lot of questions and they gave me a lot of answers--answers that have allowed me to build out a signature offer.

I’m not going to tell you yet what this offer is, but I will tell you that you won’t find anything else like it online. And I’ve been able to put it together, thanks to this community. They’ve helped give me the confidence to build this thing and they’ve given me the information I need to tweak it to perfection.

Listen in for more--and join me in Strategy By Design, my free Facebook group for female entrepreneurs who are ready to grow and scale. It’s where you’ll hear about this new offer first!

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Rhonda Melogy