BSR 010: 5 Systems for Building an Online Community


Community is one of the essential pieces of building a successful business. You don’t necessarily have to have your own community that you “own,” but you do want to find a quality community that is filled with people whose mission and vision you believe in.

How do you know a community is a quality one? The person developing that community has systems in place to ensure the right people are present and being heard.

Whether you’re building your own community or looking for a place to call home, I want to help. That’s why on today’s episode of Business Strategy Radio I’m sharing with you five systems I’ve been using to grow my own free community--and how and why I use them the way I do.

Some of my strategies may go against what you’ve learned over the years, but my own results speak for themselves. My group has grown steadily month over month, and the more it grows the faster it grows.

Are you looking for a “perfect fit” community for you? Or is growing your own community on your business to-do list? Hit me up on the DMs over on Instagram and let’s talk about it!

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Rhonda Melogy