BSR 012: How to Create Realistic Goals for Your Business


We’ve all spent time watching other business owners and lamenting that we weren’t where they are. I’ve done it too. But when you’re looking ahead at where you want to go and what you want to accomplish, it’s important that you look at your own life first.

I once ran a business where I had unrealistic goals. And if I had kept on, I would have made life miserable for myself and everyone around me. What I was aiming for just wasn’t what was best for me, where I was in life at the time. I lost sight of that for a bit along the way.

On this week’s episode of Business Strategy Radio, I’m sharing some lessons learned and how you can turn that around and use them in your own business.

No matter what your ultimate contribute financially to your household, to pay off debt, to leave your 9-to-5, to impact people or simply to find something to do with your free time...there’s a season for it. Know your season and build your goals and your business around that.

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Rhonda Melogy