BSR 016: How to Review (and Rewrite) Your Goals


We’re nearing the end of quarter 2, which means it’s time to take a look at your goals...where you were at the beginning of the year and how much you’ve accomplished to date.

If the thought of reviewing your goals gets you worried, it’s time to rewrite your goals in a different way. So often we get overwhelmed because we set these big, huge goals but we don’t really think about what little things we need to do to reach those big goals.

In this week’s episode of the Business Strategy Radio podcast, I’m sharing strategies you can take to make sure that you’re meeting your goals. What questions do you need to ask yourself? How can you break up those big goals into smaller chunks (so you don’t get frustrated)? It’s so much easier to have big momentum when you have something smaller actionable to work toward.

Let’s talk about making progress toward where you want to be, rather than being upset that you’re not there yet. (It’s all about the journey, folks!)

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Rhonda Melogy