Sami's Transformation from General VA Services to Pinterest Manager


In today's episode, I'm going to introduce you to Sami who flipped her business on a dime and immediately discovered what she was looking for. You're going to hear how Sami got started with her online business, how she very quickly transitioned and really gave into what she originally wanted to do when she started her online business. Some of the steps that she has taken in less than 30 days in has already successfully landed clients.

Sami comes from a family of teachers. You could say it is in her DNA, except teaching did not bring her joy. Her fear of disappointing family members kept her in her teaching position until a health situation forced her into looking for alternative ways to contribute to her family’s monthly income. 

While searching Pinterest, Sami discovered she could work at home as a service provider--an idea she liked. Sami loved the idea of becoming a Pinterest manager, but was afraid it was not for her and instead opened her service-based business offering general services from social media management to administrative tasks.

Because she has a teaching background, Sami had summers off and worked all summer long onboarding clients with a variety of services. Even as organized as she was, Sami was starting to feel the pressure and overwhelm of switching between multiple tasks.

At the end of the summer, Sami joined Systems By Design as a founding members because she said she was looking for a framework for her business to help tackle the feelings of overwhelm and shiny object syndrome that so often drowns new online business owners.

Within less than 30 days, Sami posted a comment in the Systems By Design community that even though she had worked all summer to book out her general services that she was going to niche down as a Pinterest manager for lettering creatives.  

Sami got busy in the Tech Lab inside of Systems By Design, working through the Pinterest Manager tutorial and within a week had published her website. Soon, Sami had secured not one but two Pinterest clients and discussed her new opportunity with her existing clients. 

Sami will tell you she loves the framework that Systems By Design has to offer its members.  But more importantly she describes the level of support in the community by its members like no other free or paid community that she has ever been a part of during her online journey.  

Sami is an action taker and uses the resources that Systems By Design has to offer like the Client Attraction Starter Kit. The Kit is a complete marketing system including lead magnet template, landing page copy, email sequence swipe file, and Facebook group system  which includes a 28-day prompt calendar to add value to targeted Facebook groups to set you up as an expert.

Sami knew an online business was possible. She likes that she can come home from teaching and “work in her yoga pants” and do something she truly loves. I can’t wait to see what the next 30 days holds for Sami and her business!

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Rhonda Melogy