BSR 008: How Systems Keep Your Business Cleaned Up


One of my biggest takeaways from my years in business is that systems do the heavy lifting. It’s as simple as that. It’s true in the seasonal business I run in my local community and it’s true in an online business--like the one you’re likely running.

But systems don’t just create themselves. It takes time and effort, testing things out and then finding more efficient ways to do things. It also takes mistakes and sometimes (often?) some tears to get it right.

Feeling overwhelmed doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s time to hire someone. Sure, it might, but that just means that you’re offloading your hot mess onto someone else’s plate. And they may not have the same vision as you.

So take a deep breath and listen in as I tell you how I simply create systems for my business and incorporate some of these tools into your own!

What systems do you have in your business that aren’t quite working like you want them to? Hit me up on the DMs over on Instagram and let’s talk about it!

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Rhonda Melogy