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Melissa with Tailwind Talks about Instagram Scheduling!

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Melissa is community manager with Tailwind.

Hiding among the insurance companies and the telemarketing positions was a listing for PinLeague, a Pinterest marketing site now known as Tailwind. At the time, PinLeague was not the most professional looking company. My friends joked that I was being catfished I would end up on MTV looking for this company someday. But after speaking with the co-founders and hearing their passion I decided to join the company and became employee number 2. I quickly learned that I had to leave my procrastinating ways behind. These guys trusted me to do my job and to do my job well. In those first few, extremely bumpy months I began my career and I really fell in love with being a professional adult. Unlike college homework, the work I do affects real change in the real world and it’s an unparalleled feeling. When I started at Tailwind we only had 50 users. Now we're up to 60,000. Every day I go to work and I feel like I'm killing at this adulting thing.

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