Transitioning Online: A 90 Day Business Map

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I wish I had access to the tools, and resources that exist today to launch and grow a business. For me, as a busy mama to four children, I wanted the flexibility of running my business so that I could be present and have choices to attend field trips, muffins with mom, or even homeschooling.

When I onboard new members the common characteristic I see is hope. Entrepreneurs are hopeful and can see that running an online business is possible.

The same hopefulness can be derailed when trying to make the transition from offline to online. Georgiann is a great example of the hope and possibility of launching, growing, and scaling an online business.

From an amazing 30 year background, Georgiann has no shortage of experience. In fact, based on her answers, Georgiann is a task master.

I believe Georgiann’s story will resonate with many listeners who are making the transition online to launch their service based business.

During Georgiann’s session, I was so excited I think I squealed! One of my favorite things in the world is to take a member’s skill set and interest and create a 90 day step by step map while pulling from the Systems by Design buffet of systems, tech, and support.

You will learn

  • How Georgiann can shut down her potential client’s objections with just one sentence

  • How I am bundling Georgiann’s 30 year skillset into a popular online niche

  • How niching down will actually help Georgiann make the transition to other popular niches if she chooses

  • The key to the 90 mini map success

I can tell you Georgiann is taking imperfect action every day. Just weeks after getting started, she has even sent me a sample of a video that she has already shared with a potential client!

I love being a part of Georgiann’s journey.

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Rhonda Melogy