BSR 011: Finding Clarity in Business


Clarity comes with practice and time, and it also comes with trying new things. If you’ve been struggling to find clarity in your business, you’re not alone!

One of the members of my private Facebook group, Strategy By Design, recently asked me how I found clarity in my business. Today on Business Strategy Radio I’m sharing with you my answer.

Here’s the thing though. If you struggle with clarity because you’re newer in business, know that the struggle is still real--even after 16 years in business. It’s hard to know where to go when you’ve done and tried so many different things.

My clarity comes back to knowing exactly what lights me up. I took a look at what I loved doing right now in business (and being real about what I didn’t love) so I could do exactly what I wanted as I move forward. That’s how Systems By Design was born.

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Rhonda Melogy